Maximus Oilfield Services, LLC


Maximus management and employees have a forward vision of safety requirements. Not only does Maximus management establish a safe environment for its employees, but considerations are engineered into projects to insure an ongoing safe environment. We don't want our clients or anyone to be faced with an unsafe situation, at anytime, that can be attributed to Maximus oversight.

  • Based on years of experience and knowledge, the Maximus management team recognizes its responsibility and human respect to provide a safe workplace, safe work rules, and competent work direction.
  • Projects are reviewed for safety concerns during the construction planning phase. All safety concerns are then reviewed and resolved with our clients prior to construction start.
  • Maximus project supervisors are committed to the implementation and compliance with company safety standards and provide the management team with updated information on any hazards that may exist in the workplace
  • Maximus management and supervisors provide their employees with the equipment, information, and training necessary to perform each job safely and efficiently.
  • Maximus staff and employees recognize their responsibility to observe established work rules, follow the direction of supervisors, practice the principles taught in safety and training sessions, and provide suggestions on how to improve safety rules.